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Our clients and their homes mean everything to us. We want you to feel secure in your choice and hope to provide even more peace of mind with this extra layer of protection and security.

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Enjoy the benefits of our convenient online experience! As a client, you have access to a broad range of self-serve options which include scheduling services, managing your account info, and paying invoices.

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We are delighted you are here and can't wait to have you and your pets join the PerPETual Love family! The level of care we strive to provide is pawsitively top-notch and always focused on the safety, health, and happiness of your pets. Choose from the array of our most popular services below, or contact us today with any custom requests.

Benefits of Pet Sitting

Using a professional pet sitter provides many benefits for both pets and pet parents. Once you experience professional pet care in your home, you'll never worry about being away from your pet again.

  Pets remain in their own home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds. Most pets adapt best to their family's absence by staying in their regular environment, resulting in less anxiety and stress.

  No boarding, where your pets are exposed to other animals, possibly resulting in illness or injury. No need to plan your trip around specific drop off or pick up hours. Your pets are the last ones you see upon leaving and the first to greet you upon return.

  Pets stay on their normal routine with visits customized to their individual needs. This can be especially critical for a young or senior animal.

  Pets receiving medical treatment will remain on their medication schedule, administered by a professional.

  A pet sitter can handle taking your pet to appointments in your absence, such as groomers or vets.

  No more need to persuade a family member or neighbor to care for your pets. You have peace of mind knowing your pets and home are in a professionals hands.

  Your pet will get one-on-one attention and customized care, with plenty of love and playtime.

  Your home will be kept secure. Mail will be brought in, light/blinds rotated and anything else needed to maintain that "lived in" look.

About the Owner

Kristine, Owner
Pet CPR and First Aid Certified
Vice President of Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates

Hello Pet Parents, thank you for visiting my website! My name is Kristine. I have had an adoration for animals from a young age, and am blessed to turn my passion into a career. Growing up in a small rural town of West Michigan, most of my free time was spent on my family's property with our many cats, dogs, horses, and even pigs and chickens. I graduated from Michigan State University with a business degree, and moved to Arizona in 2012. After many years of pet sitting for family and friends, transitioning to full time to connect with my entire community was an easy decision. I currently am also a volunteer and foster parent at an amazing organization, Home Fur Good. I have enjoyed raising bottle-fed orphaned kittens, as young as 1 week old. The mission of this no kill dog/cat shelter is to reduce the euthanasia rates in the Phoenix area, and I adore being a part of the adoption process for these deserving animals!

Syx (born 2001) and Sevyn (born 2009) are my two bengal furbabies. They both traveled with me from Michigan and adore the Arizona sunshine! They were the best of friends, but sadly Syx passed away in 2019 at the age of 17. We all miss him deeply as he was the most tolerant, friendliest, easy going sweet boy ever. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone. If there was a lap to be had, he was on it. Sevyn still misses his buddy and was deeply affected by the loss. My two most recent additions were foster babies that decided they wanted to stay for good! Born April 2017, Meatball Mozzarella and Lola are brother and sister, and each others favorite partner in crime. They are so funny and into everything! My beloved angel Maeko, who passed in 2009 at age 15, lived with diabetes for many years requiring 2 insulin shots per day. I understand the love and lengths pet parents will go to for the care of their pets, and I can relate to requiring the most reliable, dependable, loving, and trustworthy care for your pets in your absence. My priority is to provide you with that peace of mind.

Meet the Sitters

Each professional pet sitter is an independent contractor carefully selected and highly vetted as an exceptional pet care provider, honoring a genuinely profound level of compassion, integrity, and dedication. All sitters have passed a background screening and are Pet CPR / First Aid certified, or in the process of becoming certified.


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